Science Week 2022 in Buaile Beag


Science Week is a week-long event in Ireland each November, celebrating science in our everyday lives. The children of Buaile Beag NS were very busy  for Science Week 2022!

Science Week began on Friday November 11th when Corrib Coding visited the children of Rang 4. The carried out coding workshops with the children.


On Monday 14th of November Rang 2 attended a workshop on Rising Sea Levels in the Galway City Museum.  They visited the Museum’s Línte na Farraige exhibition, which highlights the issue of rising sea levels due to climate change. Following this they attended a workshop about flood defences with Jane McLoughlin in the Education Room. A wonderful time was had by all.



Each class was very busy over the course of the week carrying out various different experiments. Examples included creating spinners using circuits, extracting DNA from bananas, investigating colour, making rockets, climate change experiments, making carbon dioxide and oxygen, building boats and many many more!


A Science Quiz for Rang 5 & 6 took place on Thursday afternoon. The lucky winners of this quiz received a homework pass!



Our weekly assembly was held on Friday and the theme was science. Children were given the opportunity to speak about experiments that they carried out over the course of Science Week in their classes. Rang 5 spoke to the school about famous scientists that they had learned about. They also sang “The Science Song” for all children.




To conclude Science Week 2022 in Buaile Beag, we were very fortunate to have  award winning science communicator Jane McLoughlin visit Buaile Beag NS. She carried out workshops with each class in our school. We would like to thank Jane for visiting our school. The children thoroughly enjoyed the workshops.

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